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We all get continuously slapped in the face with advertising. It's a powerful medium, getting better by the day. If the ad comes to you innocently, it gets extra attention.

Example: you're watching Mario Soares being interviewed here and around 02:08 in the clip, you hear him say he published a small book called "the praise of politics".

As if the person and the controversial book title weren't enough, we are half a week away from elections and politics are the talk of the people at the time.

I fell for it and got the book.

Good thing i did! Now that i've finished it, i have a have a much clearer idea of the evolution of politics throughout the times, from the greek polis, to renaissance with Maquiavel and Bodin up to Barack Obama.

Altough opinative on some issues, the author is really giving a lesson on history, and i'm surely gonna be doing vast wikipedia querying on it.

Maybe some future posts will bring condensed content from the book and associated research.