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JarbasIn the long gone years of 2002/3, while trying hard to get a small dotcom of it's feet in Leiria, I had the privilege of getting to know Mário and his ideia called Jarbas.


It was a revolutionary concept for the time, hard to grasp it's depth at first sight, and my team helped with code, hardware, suggestions, all we could do really.


As so many good ideias that are unfortunate enough to be born in Portugal, the project eventually faded out. It never really disappeared though, and the name at least can still be seen as some tool from sapo mail.


Well, justice was somewhat served when all the concept was revised and credited to it's rightful author on an article in the portuguese media here (in translated english here).


Go Mário, Go! I know that you'll surprise us again. Let's hope this time we have the strength to make it work worldwide before others do.